Thursday, 29 March 2012

You're perfect :)

Never being able to make a choice, to settle for someone. A fear of meeting someone better holds us back, not letting us to take a chance on being happy beside a person we like. When do we stop the search, how do we see the line when enough is enough? How do we know that it doesn't get any better than it already is?
Meeting you, someone so perfect, polite, funny, handsome and nice is so hard to believe in. It doesn't mean that the feelings blind me and don't let me see the obstacles that there are but they are so insignificant that are not even worth considering. Never the less the thought that you are the person who can be enough for me scares me and there is another feeling which bothers me as well. I wonder how can my affection not be so strong towards someone so perfect? Why am I not head over heels in love with you, your eyes and smile? Why do we tend to give our hearts to someone who will never learn how to appreciate it instead of giving it to someone who is worth our love?
There is not a thing I would change in you, I hope you will always stay the way you are now. Without any hope, love and obsession I want to let you know how much I admire you and how glad I am to know someone like you.

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