Friday, 15 July 2011

Rainy London & Never Sleeping Moscow ★

London is one of the main capitals of the world. It is a must-visit city. Has a rich history with many touristic places to see, the best shopping and tastiest restaurants. With a very unique atmosphere,it is nothing like any other European cities.
Only in London you can see a guy walking in a crocodile costume in the middle of the city or an old man jogging at 3 a.m. in the morning- It is a city free of judgments and appraising glances.
I've been living here for four years now and can not imagine my life anywhere else. London became my home.

However, there is another city I love as much as London and it is Moscow-the city where I grew up. Even though I could list more disadvantages than advantages such as unfriendly people, who never say hello and thank you, long hour traffics, never ending queues and grey sky Moscow still has this magnetic power that attracts people and once you lived there for a little while, you get so used to the city so much that it becomes impossible to move somewhere else. And the best part of it is that Moscow truly never sleeps ;))

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