Sunday, 29 January 2012

Missing someone

Missing someone is the worst feeling a person can experience. When you wish with all your heart to see that certain someone, to talk to them, hug, kiss, feel their presence but for some reason you can not. And it doesn't matter why, for how long and where are they gone...even knowing that it is a mutual feeling it doesn't ease the pain. You don't have an aching is are sad, irritated, confused, overloaded with emotions but at the same time oddly empty inside. 

You are searching for the familiar eyes in a large crowd, knowing in advance that you won't find them there, going to the same old places and remembering how you used to sit there together, reliving every memory you've got together- it all eats you up from inside because there is nothing in your power to do about it. That person is gone..forever or for a while and it feels like he took a part of you with him. You are changed, your life, your views all is different now. You have to adjust to a new life without that person. At first it feels like you are learning how to live from the beginning but with time it gets better. However, it doesn't mean that there won't be times when memories will come back to you and nostalgia will feel up your heart, but that won't last long and the pain won't be that bad anymore. Nevertheless you will always have that unfilled hole in your soul because people in your life is what makes you the way you are. 

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